Marble Floor Polishing Services in Austin, TX

 Marble is one of the most durable and beautiful materials used in home construction. Because of marble’s beauty and resilience, many people use it for their floors. If you have marble floors, you need marble floor polishing to keep your floors clean, beautiful, and strong. Contact Durham's Floor Finishing for our marble floor polishing services in Austin, TX.

Why Polish Your Marble Floors?

You may wonder why a flooring material such as marble needs to be polished. Well, although marble is extremely strong, it’s also delicate. Stains can seep into the stone, and scuff marks can mar the surface as well. Finally, etch marks, which are stains made by acidic cleaners and products, are difficult to get rid of without professional help.

When you contact us for our polishing services, we’ll go over all of your marble floors with our high-end polishing equipment so that your floors look brand new again. This process will get rid of stains, etches, and scuffs easily.

Why Choose Us?

Durham's Floor Finishing has been serving the residents of Austin, TX, for over 42 years. We have decades of experience bringing marble floors new life, so we can handle any job you give us. We can polish your floors, which brings out the shine and reflection you want. Or we can hone your floors, which adds a clean, matte, non-reflective finish to the marble.

Whatever you want, we can provide. Plus, besides marble polishing and honing, we offer grout restoration and staining to make sure the lines between each slab of marble stay clean and pristine. Whether you have marble in the kitchen, bathroom, or multiple areas of your home, we’ll make sure it all looks lovely.

Give our professional team a call today at (512) 445-3475 to set up your appointment. We’re excited to hear from you.